Knock Down Rebuild Melbourne

We specialise in knock down and rebuild solutions in Melbourne, to keep you enjoying the community and surroundings that you love. 

Our service includes assessing your site to fit the perfect home for your personal lifestyle, along with arranging any demolition and permit requirements. This is all completed by our own experienced in house team, so you can enjoy your new home sooner in the location that’s perfect for you.

Knock-Down Rebuild Melbourne

Knock Down Rebuild Specialists in Melbourne

To knock down and rebuild your home can often prove to be a more cost effective option, as generally there are no hidden costs involved. 

Building with Alpha ensures your knock down rebuild process provides you with greater management over your budget from start to finish, as every element of your new home is based on your decisions and lifestyle.

There are many varying cost factors involved when choosing to renovate, whereas to knock down and rebuild can prove to be a more transparent approach in terms of costs. 

As the homeowner, when you knock down and rebuild, you can control the costs to a much greater extent as they are provided upfront.

The process to knock down and rebuild a custom home in Melbourne can be arranged from start to finish with our own in house team.

We specialise in organising everything from the demolition, to the design and build of a new home that suits your budget, timeframe and expectations.

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