Building Services

At Alpha Building we provide various building services that are focused around enhancing your home and your unique lifestyle. 

All our building services can be arranged directly with our in-house team, to ensure all your specific home needs are smoothly and effortlessly met.


Building Services by Alpha Building
Interior design building services

Interior Design

Our own team of interior designers and stylists will collaborate with you to bring your unique personality and style to life in your new home. 

From joinery colours to staircase designs, our interior designers will start with your inspiration and guide you through a seamless and creative journey to fulfill your vision.

Building Inspections

We offer building inspections even if you are building with another builder. This is to give you the peace of mind that your home is completed over and above an acceptable standard. 

Every one of Alpha’s building inspections is completed by a registered builder with years of experience, who has also built numerous homes. 

Inspections can be carried out at every stage of your build, and you will receive a detailed and expert inspection report that ensures your new home meets building code requirements.

Building inspections
Home builder maintenance services

Home Maintenance

We don’t just build new homes, we make existing homes even better. 

We believe every homeowner should enjoy their home to its full potential. There may be certain parts of your home that need upkeep, a change, or just some extra love and attention. 

Our versatile and skilled team can bring your home back to its glory to give you the lifestyle you deserve. Our maintenance services are customised to fit within your budget and we only work with accredited suppliers that have gone through our rigorous quality assurance checks.