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People have blogs that have arguments with builders and everyone had some sort problem, but we never had anything like that with Alpha and that was great for us.
Sonia and Cameron Elwood (Double Storey)
We would sincerely like to thank Alpha Building Group for building our 2 townhouses in Malvern East for our family. We subdivided a block and built two townhouses for us and my brothers family to live in. With a custom builder, we were able to build homes that were going to suit both our family’s needs and not be restricted to a floorplan.
Malvern East Elvira
We had a lovely experience building our family home with Alpha. The communication was very open and direct and there were no issues with construction. We would highly recommend Alpha Building Group to build your home, they were very enjoyable to work with.
Mount Waverley Cathy
After some time of planning our new home project, we decided to explore the options of a custom builder. We knew we had a tricky block that had needed some time and attention to design a house to suit. The guys at Alpha knew exactly where to start and were able to offer us a lot of flexibility to design the home of our dreams. Their professionalism and time they spent with us to plan the whole project was greatly appreciated.
Rosebud Michael
We were first home buyers and Alpha was able to fit everything into our budget. For a custom house, it made a dream of ours come to reality.” “Alpha told me that they were going to call me on Friday of every week which they did and I found they told me what had happened and what was happening in the future.” “Alpha was very particular about using trades they trusted and could provide a good product.
Keysborough Adrian